With the purpose to match demand and offer among those who own intellectual properties on data/methods for their use and those who need or want to exploit them.

The platform will act as an 
e-marketplace enabling transactions for accessing data and added value services based on:  
Big Data
artificial intelligence
Machine LEarning
Advanced data analytics

Our platform

The platform will be made up by three main components:

Data from different sources, algorithms and service providers.
A supercomputing centre and services
Various end-users from the public and private sectors

The beta version of the platform is now available to be tested for free. Register or log in with SPID or eIDAS. Create a project, use a template and discover the future!

dydas project

The DYDAS project aims at developing a collaborative platform for offering data, algorithms, processing and analysis services to a large number of users from different public and private user communities.

Meet Our Team

The partnership composition reflects the different components of the project implementation