Each player in the DYDAS project represents different sectors, which are complementary to the development and success of the whole project.

The composition of the partners reflects the different components of the project implementation:

  • IT & HPC partners ENEA and K2: specialists in technology and innovation;
  • The research partners Gmatics and ITHACA: use cases and data providers;
  • The public sector partner ANCI Lazio: end-users.


Key to Business is the coordinator of the DYDAS project and is responsible for the implementation of the platform and the “maritime” use case.

K2 focuses on Information Technologydigital learning and technological innovations that implement IT applications based on innovative architectures and technological platforms offering services with high performance and security value. Specific areas of activity include: smart cities, syndromic surveillance, onboard technologies and fraud retention.


ENEA is the Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development and is strongly oriented towards the creation of technologies in cooperation with industry. ENEA has highly qualified staff, advanced laboratories, experimental and sophisticated instruments.

In the DYDAS project, ENEA operates with two specific units:

  • one works in the ENEA supercomputer centre,
  • the other represents international excellence in the study and forecasting of the Mediterranean Sea.

ENEA is responsible for the provision of HPC services and the “Maritime” use case.


GMATICS is a start-up founded in 2017 that focuses on innovative Earth observation applications and geospatial information in various fields of application.

The main feature of the company is the use of different Artificial Intelligence techniques and the use of complex workflows to extract information from different types of data (satellites, drones, video cameras) and from different types of sensors (optical, multi-spectrum, LIDAR and radar). Specific application areas are related to image processing with deep-learning and geospatial platforms integrating raster data with vector data and alphanumeric databases.

GMATICS is responsible for the Geospatial Data Architecture and contributes to the use cases with the implementation of specific AI algorithms.


ITHACA is a no-profit association founded by Politecnico di Torino with the financial support of Compagnia di San Paolo.

ITHACA has built a strong expertise in the acquisition, management and processing of geographical and cartographic data and has developed methodologies, analytical services, and technical tools to improve preventive warnings and impact assessment related to risk management.

The ITHACA team is composed of experts from the academic, industrial and scientific fields with in-depth experience in various fields including geomatics, such as remote sensing, photogrammetry and geographic information systems (GIS).

In the project, it is responsible for the use case “Energy” in collaboration with the Politecninco di Torino and contributes to Geospatial Architecture.

ANCI Lazio

ANCI Lazio is a non-profit organization acting as a public law body and is one of the regional offices of the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI). It actively participates in common activities and promotes the interests and specificities of its members (378 municipalities in the Lazio Region) according to the National Regulations.

ANCI Lazio is responsible for the coordination pole in support of the sea economy for all coastal municipalities, the Lazio Port Authority and the Lazio Region, in order to holistically develop sea-related industries, create jobs, promote economic growth and respect the environment.

ANCI Lazio is responsible for the valorisation and dissemination activities, in particular towards public bodies.