Funded by the European Commission, Dydas is an under development project  and it is part of the Connecting Europe Facility Program (contr. 2018-IT-IA-0101). It started in October 2019 and ends in September 2022.
Dydas aims to create sustainability through the creation of a digital platform able of managing large volumes of open and private user. This project enables public sectors, private companies and researchers to benefit from the analysis of such data.

What kind of data is it and how can it be used?

Dydas project not only has a focus on geographic data, but it also provides open data from various sources and European Union repositories.

What does open data represent?

Open Data are based on the principle of sharing. By definition, they are universal data that can be used by everyone. They can be of different natures, e.g.: geographical data and others.

Even if they are accessible to everyone, “raw” data if not analyzed, can turn out to be unhelpful.
To give an example:
A satellite photo has no real value until it is dropped within a context, a territory, and connected to other information in order to become useful data for business strategies.

What tools does Dydas offer us to turn this data into useful analysis results?

Data analysis with performing infrastructures.

Dydas provides all the necessary tools to use the data either directly or by developing customized analysis models, up to their graphic representation.
Through algorithms, the data is processed on a high-efficiency HPC infrastructure (High Performance Computing), which is developed through the use of big data technologies, which allow the user to obtain results based on his/her needs.

These results can be presented through dashboards (fully configurable by the user himself), and made available to everyone or, monetized by selling them through the Dydas platform itself.

Dydas project was born based on the idea of community. It gives the user the opportunity to use data from both experts and non-experts, obtaining innovative results that can be a huge benefit for the entire community these results are shared with.

PA and industries can use DYDAS platform as a tool for strategic analysis within their decision-making flows – the service activation is forcasted to be activated in November 2021.

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