The European tool for digital transformation: DIGITAL EUROPE 2021-2027

A public consultation analysis took place between 25 July and 25 October 2019, on the future Digital Europe 2021-2027 program.

Increasing the benefits of digital transformation in EU is the DIGITAL EUROPE program‘s main objective. Specify, it is devoted to all citizens, public administrations and businesses in the EU.

The budget draft of around 9.2 billion euros is subjected on the decisions of the EU Council and the European Parliament.

Five key sectors are foreseen relating to innovative digital technologies:

  1. Supercomputing
  2. Artificial intelligence;
  3. Cyber ​​security;
  4. Advanced digital skills;
  5. Ensure widespread use of digital technologies throughout the economy and society, in line with Europe’s ambitious sustainability goals and values.

960 EU consultation respondents will help the refinement of the final work DIGITAL EUROPE program. They was 326 European citizens; 171 from companies and business organizations; 41 from business associations; 124 from public sector; 163 from academic institutions and numerous other groups.

The largest number of respondents has been from Germany (13%); Italy (11%); Spain (8%); Belgium (7%); the Netherlands (7%); Romania (6%) and France (6%) , for a total of 56% of the answers.

The survey focused on the 5 strategic objectives of the Digital Europe program. And over 80% of respondents agreeing with the main priorities and objectives of the new EU Program.

Over 74% of respondents fully agreed that the EU should help Member States to improve the digital skills.

The European Commission is currently carrying out a more in-depth analysis of the responses received to the targeted consultation.

A complemented initiatives, is the Digital Excellence Forum, planned in Helsinki on 19-20 September. The Digital Excellence Forum started with a plenary debate on “Partnering for Digital Excellence”.

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